The Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei of the Supreme Pnitiff Francis to the Bishops, Priests and Deacons, consecrated persons and the lay faithful on faith has been posted online.

Is is available by clicking here or can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Lumen FideiArchbishop Fisichella commented that “Lumen Fidei” is published in the middle of the Year of Faith, and that it was signed on 29 June, the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, first witnesses to the faith of the Church of Rome, where Peter’s Successor is called to confirm all brothers in the unity of faith. He stated that Benedict XVI was frequently asked to write an encyclical on faith, so as to conclude the triad he had begun with “Deus caritas est” on love, and “Spe salvi” on hope. The Pope was not convinced that he was able to take on this further task”, explained the archbishop. “Nonetheless, this insistence eventually prevailed, and Benedict XVI decided that he would write the encyclical to offer it at the end of the Year of Faith. However, history took a different turn and this encyclical is now offered to us today by Pope Francis … as a ‘programme’ for how to continue to live this Year of Faith which has seen the Church involved in many highly formative experiences”.