Children's Church LiturgyEach Sunday, at the 11:00 AM Mass children, who have not made their First Communion, are given the opportunity to participate in a special liturgy program aimed at their level of understanding.

Initially, a child may be reluctant to come down the aisle and go with the volunteers. Parents are invited to go with their son or daughter in that case. Our experience shows that it won’t be long before the child is running off to the class all on their own. The children will return to the service as the collection is being taken up.

Our experienced, trained leaders work with parent and youth volunteers to create a program that goes beyond simple coloring and arts/crafts bringing the story of salvation alive at a level these young developing minds can understand.

If you are a parent or grandparent, encourage your young ones to attend this enjoyable program.

Sacrament Preparation Classes

Children_Church_Kids-200We also offer classes for young people preparing to make their First Reconciliation, First Communion or Confirmation. These young people are usually not attending the Catholic School system.

A dedicated and qualified teacher (catechist) will guide your son or daughter through a special program of instruction aimed at their level of understanding and maturity.

For more information on this program contact the Parish Office.