Meet our Parish Team …

These people are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the numbers of volunteers who contribute countless hours each week to the greater glory of God. Every day something, from preparing funeral receptions, to music preparation, cleaning and decorating, preparing for children’s liturgies and adult classes, instructing couples coming for marriage or baptisms, is taking place here in St. Francis de Sales Parish.

Fr. Rod McNeil

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Father Rod McNeil welcomes you to our website! You will find here events for the coming weeks as well as basic information about Mass times, parish news and events, confessions etc. St. Francis de Sales, Smiths Falls, and Blessed Sacrament, Lombardy are of course more than just buildings. They are communities of faith filled women, men and children who share a commitment to Christ and who worship together each week. Our local Catholic Elementary Schools and High School, play an important role in the life of our parish as well by providing quality education to our young people. We welcome you to participate in the life of our parish and we look forward to sharing with you our faith and our friendship.

Fr. Rod is the Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Kingston and a regular on the hockey ice around Eastern Ontario.

Cynthia Rozario

Parish Office Manager
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If you want something answered and make a phone call, Cynthia will be the voice on the other end of the line.

Kathy Huffman

Parish Custodian & Maintenance Supervisor
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Kathy is a retired elementary school teacher and is very active in the Catholic Women’s League. She has been a league member since 1968 as a result of receiving a gift membership from her mother. In her home parish of St. Anthony of Padua, Centreville, she has held the following positions: secretary/treasurer, organization chairperson, president, co-president, diocesan convention liturgy chairperson, and diocesan convention co-convener.

Her parish activities have included catechism teacher, choir member, reader and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, church decorator, clustering committee chairperson for Centreville and Erinsville and is a member of the parish pastoral council.

Few know the ins and outs of the church, the rectory and Hanley Hall as well as Kathy does. There is probably not a single switch, wire or storage area that has not been carefully attended to by her abundant talents and pleasant personality.

Karen Hallinan

Pastoral Council Chair
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As chair of the Pastoral Council for our parish, the Chair facilitates the work of many dedicated volunteers who meet each month to advise the pastor on parish life and directions for the future. Ann Johnson serves as Vice-Chair.

Parish Pastoral Councils study pastoral issues, reflect on them, and recommend conclusions. To plan in a effective way, pastors must be able to ask the questions relevant to their role as parish leaders, and councilors must have the freedom to do their work thoroughly.

The Pastor consults because he wants to make prudent decisions. Members of the Pastoral Council help with planning and programs because they want the parish to make wise choices that reflect the values of the Gospel.

Each year Pastoral Council seeks volunteers who wish to let their name stand and undertake the work of the council, the work of study and reflection. Contact the Chair if you feel called to assist your parish and Pastor as a member of Pastoral Council. A copy of the Pastoral Council Constitution can be viewed by clicking here.

Can we add you?

Can we add you and your family to our Parish Team? We look forward to meeting you, worshiping with you, and together being part of this dynamic walk of faith. Each of us has so many talents to share and gifts to bring to each other in the community.

Come and be part of our parish community. By taking a minute to fill out the Parish Registration Form you can quickly introduce yourself to us, and we can just as quickly get to know you, your family, your needs and the blessings God has given you in your life.

The Parish Registration Form is available online in PDF, DOC or ODT formats.

Help us fill in the “Photo Not Yet Available” by becoming a member of our Catholic Faith Community!


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