In our busy lives, we do not always remember to spend time with God. He is waiting for You to make that commitment.Eucharistic Adoration is your opportunity to devote one hour of your time to Him.

Hours of Adoration:

In the “Upper Room
 Mon.   4 PM – 11 PM
 Tues.  7 AM – 11 PM
 Wed.   6 AM – 10 PM
 Thurs. 7 AM – 12 noon

In the Church Mon.   7 AM – 4 PM

For more info please call:
June at 334-882-5403
Helen at 613-656-2334
or Parish at 613-283-0220

The Adoration Chapel

Adoration Chapel News

We are always in need of Spares. A ‘Spare’ is someone an adorer can phone to replace them on a certain day & hour, for 1 hr. of adoration. A spare does not have to say yes if they are busy that day. It is not a sin to say no. A spare can let June, Helen or Jane know just what days & times they would be available. If you can help in anyway, please let us know.

There are regular updates on Chapel events in the weekly bulletin.

Thank you.